कैसे-कैसे लोग हमारे जी को जलाने आ जाते हैं

Lyrics: Munir Niazi
Singer: Mehdi Hasan

कैसे-कैसे लोग हमारे जी को जलाने आ जाते हैं,
अपने-अपने ग़म के फ़साने हमें सुनाने आ जाते हैं।

मेरे लिए ये ग़ैर हैं और मैं इनके लिए बेगाना हूँ
फिर एक रस्म-ए-जहाँ है जिसे निभाने आ जाते हैं।

इनसे अलग मैं रह नहीं सकता इस बेदर्द ज़माने में
मेरी ये मजबूरी मुझको याद दिलाने आ जाते हैं।

सबकी सुनकर चुप रहते हैं, दिल की बात नहीं कहते
आते-आते जीने के भी लाख बहाने आ जाते हैं।


4 Responses to कैसे-कैसे लोग हमारे जी को जलाने आ जाते हैं

  1. Kunal Goel says:

    what do you think the first sher in this ghazal means?
    For me it means that the misery of other people is so small that the writer (Munir Niazi) envies them, because his own misery is great and he can’t even discuss it with other people.

  2. i guess the line, “mere liye ye ghair hain….” answers ur question?

  3. Jawad Askari says:

    Dear……….Although I appreciate your efforts in giving us the Urdu lyrics in Hindi, but please take care to listen to the lyrics in the ghazals and then write. You have misheard and written the similar sounding words. And then, very OVERCONFIDENTLY you have given the meanings which was very wrong of you. Please learn Urdu well before you take up this sensitive job. For God sake, dont feel offended. This was necessary for you to learn further and not remain saturated. Forgive me for this ractification.
    Jawad Askari

  4. Jawad Askari says:

    I dont understand why the above filled up slots are marked again where i have given my name and also the email address. About website , I dont have.

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