इससे पहले कि बात टल जाए

Lyricist: Farhat Shahzad
Singer: Ghulam Ali

इससे पहले कि बात टल जाए
आओ इक दौर और चल जाए।

आँसुओं से भरी हुई आँखें
रोशनी जिस तरह पिघल जाए।

दिल वो नादान, शोख बच्चा है
आग छूने से जो मचल जाए।

तुझको पाने की आस के सर से
जिन्दगी की रिदा ना ढल जाए।

वक़्त, मौसम, हवा का रुख जाना
कौन जाने कि कब बदल जाए।

रिदा = Cloak


9 Responses to इससे पहले कि बात टल जाए

  1. abhaya says:

    one meaning of sar is desire. So first line would make sense.

  2. Jaya says:

    yep! It does. Now, the turn of “ridana” or whatever that word is!

  3. According to Platt’s dictionary, ‘ridaa’ means a cloak or mantle. So the line might be ‘zi.ndagii kaa ridaa naa Dhal jaaye’ (separate words: ridaa naa). The meaning might be something like: ‘in the desire of hoping to making you mine, i might lose this cloak of life’. I am not sure, because it sounds complicated.

  4. Jaya says:

    Well – that does make sense. Which dictionary is this? Available online?

    I tried hard to find a meaning of anything starting with “rid” in the dictionaries I know of (online of course), but could not find it. 😦

  5. Oh sure, it’s available online at:
    It is considered quite authoritative.

  6. abhaya says:

    If rida means cload then I think sar should mean head, then it would mean ki tujhe paane ki aas ke sar se jindagi ka aanchal(for want of a better word) dhal na jaaye or in other words, tujhe paane ki aas mar na jaaye.

  7. Jaya says:

    Hmm… well makes more sense. So, I am removing “sar” from the vocabulary list and let resders decide for themselves 😀

  8. zainah says:

    as far as i know Rida means gift.

  9. milind says:

    hey frndz can u help me to find out the meaning of an gazal sang by Mehdi Hassan…”Me Hosh Me Tha to Fir Us Par Mar Gya Kaisse”

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